Jet Lag
Décalage Horaire
review by Carrie Gorringe, 20 September 2002

27th Toronto International Film Festival
Seattle International Film Festival 2003

Rose (Juliette Binoche) is a scatterbrained make-up artist whose greatest canvas is herself.  With hair that's lacquered and a face painted to the nines, she totters around a terminal in Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport in ankle-threatening high heels in search of a flight to Mexico and -- possibly -- a new life away from her abusive boyfriend, Serge (Sergi Lopez).  Unfortunately, her long-distance and on-going argument with Serge is cut short when her cell phone meets with a ghastly end.  Desperate to finish it, Rose spots Félix, (Jean Reno), who, somewhat reluctantly, offers to lend her his cell in order for her to finish the call.  Since the airport is shut down due to bad weather and all incoming and outgoing flights have been cancelled, it might be inevitable that Rose and Félix might encounter each other again.  Instead, they encounter each other again, and again, and again, each time learning more about the other than perhaps each might want to know.  She's a child of Communist parents who still cries when she hears L'Internationale;  he's a thrice-divorced former chef, now head of a frozen-food company, whose own current relationship is in questionable condition.  Is this a case of opposites attracting?

In Jet Lag director Danièlle Thompson and her son, co-writer Christopher Thompson, have whipped up more than the average screwball comedy;  it's a delightful madcap soufflé of chance encounters that nudges the line between comedy and farce without going over the top.  Oscar-winner Binoche (The English Patient, Chocolat) is breathtakingly hilarious as the ditzy gamine who has had, up until now, unyielding faith in the power of eyeliner to solve all of the world's problems –well, at least, her problems, anyway.  Reno (Les Visiteurs, The Professional) inspires humor just by showing up:  his hangdog face and much-put-upon tone of voice are a perfect foil to Binoche's dazzle.  It's a film that's uncomplicated and unabashed fun, one that may even make you want to experience a layover at the airport.

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Directed by:
Danièle Thompson

Jean Reno
Juliette Binoche
Sergi López
Scali Delpeyrat
Lucy Harrison
Karine Belly
Nadège Beausson-Diagne
Laurence Colussi
Rebecca Steele
Alice Taglioni
Jérôme Keen
Sébastien Lalanne
Michel Lefriol
Raoul Billerey

Written by:
Christopher Thompson (I) Danièle Thompson

NR - Not Rated.
This film has not
been rated.






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