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  • Carrie Gorringe, Managing Editor. Before starting Nitrate Online, Carrie was a freelance writer in Seattle. Her work has appeared in London Calling Internet, Film.COM, and Dimension X Reeltalk.
  • Eddie Cockrell, Australia Editor. Eddie is a Sydney, Australia based film programmer, public speaker and critic who reviews for Variety and contributes to festival catalogues in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Sydney and the Hamptons. A regular guest at sneak screening programs, he has been the film critic for DC's Fox network affiliate and Associate Director of Film Programming for the American Film Institute Theater at the Kennedy Center.
  • Gregory Avery, Contributor.
  • Sean Axmaker, Contributor.
  • Joe Barlow, Contributor.
  • Lyall Bush, Contributor.
  • KJ Doughton, Contributor.
  • Emma French, Contributor.
  • Cynthia Fuchs, Contributor.
  • Dave Luty, Contributor.
  • Dan Lybarger, Contributor.
  • Paula Nechak, Contributor.
  • Elias Savada, Contributor.
  • Gianni Truzzi, Contributor.
  • Jerry White, Contributor.
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