Joe Barlow

Joe Barlow is a freelance writer who turned to film criticism after realizing his gross incompetence in everything else. A screenwriter and filmmaker, Joe won a small degree of national attention when his first cinematic offering, a spoof of The Wizard of Oz and The Blair Witch Project entitled The Wicked Witch Project, was featured on television and in newspapers from coast to coast. He is the author of 100 Nights in the Dark: A Collection of Contemporary Film Reviews and Essays, which should be available from your local bookstore (ISBN: 0-595-16391-2).

When heís not laughing his way through Joel Schumacher movies, Joe enjoys reading, playing guitar, and worrying about all kinds of evil things he canít change, such as death, taxes, and the frightening success of Pauly Shore. Although heís been known to lord his immense collection of Mystery Science Theater 3000 memorabilia over anyone he thinks will be impressed by it, Joe is also an avid collector of Hitchcock and Kurosawa laserdiscs and DVDs.

Joe lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and their identical twin sons. He can be contacted through his website, Joe Barlow on Film.  Copyright © 1996-2005 by Nitrate Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.